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Giving Back

I believe that one person has the power to change their world. To create something beautiful out of chaos.

 I believe we have all been given gifts – and when we wield them with courage & generosity, we become a community that does not lack.

When one person chooses to give of their time, money or talent, it enables the recipient to turn around and do the same.

These are the reasons I’m so excited about! A portion of every dollar you spend with me goes towards a new loan to “empower people around the world”. So far, we’ve partnered together to help Hilda build a bookstore in Bolivia; Rosa expand her retail business; Celina and Doris increase their farming capitol, enabling their children to attend school; and Herminia of Amistad y Paz in Peru to achieve her dreams of nursing and caring for people in her community. Best of all, as soon as the loan is repaid, I use that money to finance another project. It becomes a circle that expands infinitely.

Thank you for making it all possible!